What is EBL 365 PLUS?

EBL 365 Plus are ATM booths having instant money deposit and withdrawal facility.

What are the features of EBL 365 PLUS?

  • 24-hour instant money deposit & withdrawal facility.
  • Fund Transfer and mobile recharge facilities.
  • Touch screen facility.
  • Cardless instant deposit facility. Cardless deposit facility allows convenient cash deposits without a physical card. Now even a bearer can also deposit money. For cardless instant deposit, depositors should retain the following information:
    • Depositors Mobile Number.
    • Depositors NID Number.
    • Customer Bank Account Number.

Scan the QR code to know the location of EBL cash instant deposit and withdrawal machines:

Link: https://www.ebl.com.bd/locator/ebl365PLUS

Scan to know about the locations of EBL 365 PLUS